Market Terms & Conditions


Foxway OÜ,  registry code 12703942, address Killustiku Põik 1, Vahi alevik, Tartu vald,  Tartu maakond, 60534, Estonia (hereinafter: us or we) is the owner of  the Foxway business-to-business online store (;  hereinafter: Reseller Portal).

1.  Essence of the Reseller Portal and General Terms

1.1.   The Reseller Portal is an online store created and administered by us where  we sell electronic devices and equipment (hereinafter: Goods) to  business customers (hereinafter: you; we and you hereinafter also  referred together: Parties).

1.2.  These terms and conditions  (hereinafter: Terms and Conditions) apply to all sales between the  Parties, regardless of whether purchase is done via the Reseller Portal or  otherwise (e.g. by e-mail). You are aware that even if Goods are  purchased by other means than Reseller Portal, all relevant information about  the Goods, including information about their quality and terms of sale,  is provided on the Reseller Portal.

1.3.  When purchasing Goods, you  have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions. Parties may agree to  different terms than those stated in the Terms and Conditions in  writing.

1.4.  We have the right to amend the Terms and Conditions  unilaterally. In this case you will be notified of such amendments via  the Reseller Portal or via e-mail.

1.5.  Goods are only sold to legal  persons, any legislation regarding consumers is not applicable to the  legal relations between the Parties.

2.  Registering a User Account

2.1.  In order to gain access to the Reseller Portal you must register a user account (hereinafter: Account)

2.2  To register an Account, you must enter the following information:

(a) Organization’s name;

(b) Contact details - such as e-mail, first name and last name, Skype username etc.;

(c) password for the Account;

(d) Billing details - such as billing contact’s name, e-mail, phone, street, city, postal code and country;

(e)  Shipping address details (if it is different from billing address) -  such as street, city, postal code and country (hereinafter: Your  Location).

2.3.  You are obligated to make sure that  the submitted information is correct and up to date. If any of the  submitted information changes, you must update it on your Account  immediately. We shall not take any liability for consequences which are  caused by incorrect or outdated information.

2.4.  Where we have  given you (or where you have chosen) a password that enables you to log  in to the Reseller Portal, you are responsible for keeping this password  confidential. We ask you not to share your password with anyone.

2.5.   By creating the user account, you confirm that you have the right to  represent and conclude contracts for purchasing Goods on the behalf of  the legal person on whose behalf the user account is created and Goods  are purchased.

3.  Placing the Order

3.1.   To purchase Goods via the Reseller Portal you must place an order  (hereinafter: Order) via the Reseller Portal or send us an e-mail, where you:

(a) choose the type and the quantity of the Goods you want to purchase; and

(b)  specify whether you will pick up the Order from our location or you  want the Order to be delivered to Your Location. In the latter case, you  also have to specify whether you want the Goods to be shipped by  express or economy delivery.

3.2.  The minimum value of a single Order is 2000 EUR (+ VAT and other taxes where applicable).

3.3.   If prices are listed as “VAT Margin” in the Reseller Portal then VAT is  included in the price. If prices are not marked as “VAT Margin” then all  prices are listed without VAT or any other applicable taxes. Where  applicable, Estonian domestic VAT applies to the invoice.

3.4.  We will review and confirm the Order within business day after the Order has been placed.

3.5.   If we do not confirm the Order within 1 business day, we will contact  you for agreeing or negotiating the further conditions regarding the  Order, including the price of the delivery if the Order is to be  delivered to Your Location. Once we have reached an agreement we will  send you an Order confirmation.

4.  Payment

4.1.  After sending the confirmation of your Order, we will issue a pro forma invoice to you.

4.2.   The invoice will include the price of the purchased Goods and the cost  of the delivery, if the Goods are to be delivered to Your Location  (hereinafter: Fee).

4.3.  The Fee shall be paid by you to a bank  account specified in the invoice within 7 days as of submitting the  invoice, if not specified otherwise on the invoice. If the Fee is not  paid in due time, we have the right to cancel the Order.

4.4.  If you have been issued a regular invoice, you shall pay a penalty of 0,2% of unpaid amounts for each day in delay.

5.  Fulfilment of the Order

5.1.   Unless expressly agreed in writing, we will not fulfil the Order  before the entire Fee has been paid. Once the Fee clears, we will  fulfil the Order within 2 business days.

5.2.  If we do not have a  sufficient quantity of the Goods you have ordered in stock and it is  not possible to fulfil the Order in the full extent:

(a) if we are  able to ship at least or more than 90% of the ordered Goods, we will  fulfil the Order to the maximum extent possible;

(b) if we are not  able to ship at least 90% of the ordered Goods, we will notify you of  the amount of Goods in stock. Unless we receive a cancellation notice  from you either by e-mail or other means in 2 business days, then we  will fulfil the Order to the maximum extent possible.

5.3.  If we  are not able to fulfil the Order in full as described in clause 5.2 then  the Fee will be reduced proportionally to the Order completion rate.  The excess sum payed by you shall be considered as prepayment for future  orders. If so requested, all excess Fees will be returned to the bank  account from which the invoice was paid within 3 business days.

6.  Delivery of the Order

6.1.   We shall pack the Order safely for road and air transport and take  photos of the packaging of the Goods as well as the content of the  packages before each delivery. All packages containing Goods with  lithium ion batteries are labelled according to UN3481 with a lithium  ion battery label and shipper’s confirmation letter.

6.2.  The applicable terms for delivery depend on which delivery method you specified according to section 3.1(b):

(a)  If you chose to collect the Order from our location, the Order shall be  delivered under EXW (Killustiku Põik 1, Vahi alevik, Tartu vald, Tartu  maakond, 60534, Estonia) Incoterms® 2010;

(b) If you chose that  the Order would be shipped to Your Location, the Order shall be  delivered under DAP (Your Location) Incoterms® 2010.

6.3.  If the Order is to be shipped to Your Location, depending on the delivery address, the estimated time for delivery is:

Inside the European Union

(a) 1-2 business days (express delivery);

(b) 5-7 business days (economy delivery);

Outside the European Union

(c)  [2]-[4] business days (express delivery);

(d)  [5]-[8] business days (economy delivery);

6.4.   You hereby agree and understand that estimated times for delivery in  section 6.3 are only indicative and we are not liable if the Order is  delivered later.

7.  Receiving the Order

7.1.   When receiving the Order you must immediately examine the condition of  the packages in the presence of the person giving the Goods over to you  – either the courier (DAP) or our employee (EXW) (hereinafter together:  Courier).

7.2.  If there are any visible damages or defects on the packaging you must:

(a) take photos of the packaging so that the damages or defects are clearly visible from the photographs; and

(b) notify the Courier of the damages or defects; and

(c) record the damages or defects in the instrument of delivery and receipt together with the Courier.

7.3.  The Courier must confirm that the packages have been damaged or defected in the instrument of delivery and receipt.

7.4.  You must not accept the Order if:

(a) the Courier is not able to provide you an instrument of delivery and receipt; or

(b) the Courier does not confirm that the packages have been damaged or defected.

7.5.   In 7 calendar days after receiving the Order you shall examine whether  the Order is complete and check that you received all Goods that were  listed in the Order.

8.  Quality of the Goods

8.1.   You acknowledge and understand that if Goods are not labelled as  “brand new” on the on Reseller Portal the Goods are used second-hand  products.

8.2.  The condition and quality of the Goods is  described in the Reseller Portal via a grading system. Further details  regarding the grading system and the condition and quality of specific  Goods can be found in the Reseller Portal website.

9.  Warranty

9.1.   We provide a Return to Base warranty to all Goods sold to you  (hereinafter: Warranty). The Warranty gives you the right to demand  replacement of the Goods if the Goods are not in the condition described  in the Reseller Portal.

9.2.  The warranty period is 90 days and it  starts from receiving the Order (i.e. signing of the instrument of  delivery and receipt).

9.3.  The Warranty does not apply if:

(a)  any of the conditions prescribed in the Terms and Conditions are not  followed by you, including conditions prescribed in this chapter;

(b)  the Goods have defects which occurred during the delivery of the Goods  back to our location (as described in section 9.7(c))(in case of DAP);

(c) the defects have been caused by any action or omission you are liable for, including but not limited the following cases:

i.  defects were caused by your accidental or wilful damaging of the Goods;

ii.  defects were caused because the user manuals of the Goods were not followed;

iii.  you impaired, changed or removed serial numbers or other similar markings on the Goods.

9.4.  In order to invoke the Warranty, you must issue a Warranty claim (hereinafter: Claim).

9.5.  To submit a Claim, you need to fill out our RMA form (which can be downloaded here: RMA Form).  The RMA form must be filled out in English and the defects of the Goods  should be described as clearly as possible. The RMA form along with the  photos taken of the defective packaging or Goods must be sent via  e-mail to

9.6.  Once we have received the  RMA form we will verify whether the Warranty for the concerned Goods is  applicable. If that is the case, we will provide you an RMA case number.

9.7.  After you have received an RMA case number you shall

(a) package the defective Goods along with all accessories and retail packages safely for road and air transport;

(b) mark the RMA number on the package and clearly label the package for the attention of the Foxway OÜ Returns Department;

(c) deliver the defective Goods to our location and bear all costs and risks for such delivery.

9.8.   We will test the defective Goods within 7 busines days as of receiving  them and determine whether your Claim is to be satisfied, whereafter:

(a)  your Claim shall not be satisfied if the Goods do not have the defects  described by you or the Warranty is not applicable (as stated in section  9.3). In that case the Goods will be returned according to section  9.10;

(b) if your Claim is satisfied, we will replace the Goods  without charge and deliver them according to section 9.10. If  replacement is not possible we will notify you and consider the Fee paid  for the defective Goods as prepayment for future Orders. If so  requested, all excess Fees will be returned to the bank account from  which the invoice was paid within 3 business days.

(c) if we have  not made a decision within 7 business days, you are entitled to a refund  of the Fee which was paid for the defective Goods. We will return it to  Your Bank Account within 3 business days as of receiving the relevant  request by you.

9.9.  If the Goods are not received by us within  21 calendar days after sending you the RMA case number, we reserve the  right not to accept the Goods if the Warranty period has expired by the  time the Goods reach us.

9.10.  The returned Goods will be delivered as follows:

(a)  if you wish to collect the Goods from our location you must send us the  corresponding notice 2 business days in advance to  and the delivery will be executed according to section 6.2(a).

(b)  if you wish that the Goods would be returned to a location specified by  you, the Goods will be delivered along with your next order or within  30 days according to section 6.2(b).

9.11.  We only provide the  warranty described in these Terms and Conditions and do not mediate any  warranty issued by manufacturers and/or retailers of any Goods sold in  the Reseller Portal. If such additional warranties do apply to Goods then you  must turn to the relevant third party producer or retailer to use any  legal remedies deriving from such a warranty.  

9.12.  If the  Goods sold to you are regarded as waste according to § 2(1) of Estonian  Waste Act, a sales warranty of 6 months is provided to such Goods  according to § 2620 (3) of Estonian Waste Act.

10.  Liability

10.1.   Under no circumstances will we be liable to you, your affiliate or any  third party for any pure economic loss, lost profits, lost sales or  business, business interruption, loss of goodwill or any type of  indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, consequential, punitive loss  or damages which arises out of our or our director’s, employee’s,  agent’s or any of our affiliated company’s actions or omissions.

10.2.   Our liability to you, your affiliate or any third party under these  Terms and Conditions or in relation to it shall in no event exceed the  sum of the Order from or in relation to which our liability arises.

10.3.   We are not liable to you or any third party where you resell the Goods  in mediums or restrictions where such resale is prohibited. Your  ability to sell or otherwise use the Goods under any jurisdiction is not  grounds for return of Goods or cancellation of any Order.

10.4.   You do not have the right to withdraw from the Order due to any  business-related or economic reasons resulting from you, including where  your partner or affiliate has cancelled their sub-order or any other  similar case; or where you are not allowed to resell the Goods via  certain mediums or in jurisdictions applying to you.

10.5.  You  shall be liable to us, our other customers, transportation service  provider or any third party provider for violation of Terms and  Conditions, law or best practices.

11.  Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

11.1.   The Terms and Conditions and the legal relations deriving from it  between the Parties shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of  Estonia.

11.2.  If any disputes arise out of or relating to the  Terms and Conditions, the Parties shall attempt to resolve them through  negotiations. If the matter is not resolved by negotiations within 30  days of receipt of written “invitation to negotiate”, the Parties will  resolve the dispute in Tartu County Court under the laws of the Republic  of Estonia.

12.  Warranties Regarding Recycling

12.1.   You warrant that where purchasing defective Goods these will be  handled according to European Union legislation involving the handing of  Electronic Scrap Waste(s) and C.R.T. holding electronic material waste.

12.2.   You warrant and acknowledge that Goods shall at the end of their  product life cycle be recycled according to the WEEE legislation of the  European Union. For that, we recommend using a recycling company  certified according to ISO-14001.

12.3. We have the right to audit you to verify your compliance in relation to recycling.

13.  Processing of Personal Data

13.1.  Information about our rules and practices regarding processing of your personal data can be found in our Privacy Policy.